The original S&P Clarifier was developed in-house, by Skelton & Plummer* in 1988. The original design was improved, and the new generation S&P High Rate Clarifier (S&P HRC) was launched. It has been well received by all major mining houses, for both new installations and retrofitting.


Benefits of this complete turnkey water clarification system include:

  1. Effective and affordable recycling of dirty water.
  2. Installation underground or on surface.
  3. It is suitable for both new installations and retrofitting.
  4. It offers a four to six times higher throughput rate than conventional conical settlers.
  5. Under peak flow conditions a throughput rate, of up to six litres per m2 per second, can be achieved.
  6. There is minimal disruption during installation.
  7. The system offers long life expectancy and low maintenance costs.

This patented high rate clarifier is available from Stefanutti Stocks Mechanical at +27 (11) 820 4600. Or complete the contact form below.

* Skelton & Plummer was acquired by Stefanutti Stocks and has been trading as Stefanutti Stocks Mechanical since 2010.